About Us

"Love is the feeling you get when you like something as much as your motorcycle"

Hunter S Thompson

This quote by Dr. Gonzo pretty much sums up our fixation with bikes.
The year was 2014. The new Harley Davidson 750 had just launched in India. Although it was made in India, presumably for the Indian roads, it still retained the charm and exuberance of a Harley.

We HAD to ride it.
And we did too. However, test driving a Harley is hardly experiencing the beast in its entirety. As avid biking enthusiasts that just didn't cut it for us. We needed more. We wanted to go on open roads and let the bike open up in its natural habitat, and do what it was meant to do - Own the road.
It wasn't long, before we spoke at length with other biking enthusiasts, who too expressed their desires to experience the thrill of riding premium bikes, but were discouraged by the impracticalities of owning one. This little idea of bringing together bikers with their dream machines culminated to TWIC.

The first step was driven by sheer passion. Then came ground reality. Not only did we want to give our clients a superior riding experience, we also wanted to give them a safe riding option. Hence, we took the lawful route and complied with the necessary bureaucracy and the laws in order to set up a well-documented, RTO approved bike rental service. We have procured all the necessary permissions from the required authoritative bodies, thus making us the real deal.
With our multiple pick up and drop locations throughout Bangalore, we are able to cater to our clients in the far flung areas of the city as well. Unable to visit our pick up and drop location? No problem. We'll bring the bike to you! We are currently in the process of expanding our operations to different cities too. Fingers crossed.

We not only loan out bikes, we also help you create memories and experiences that you can cherish over a life time! Stay safe, and remember to keep the rubber side down!