Rent a Bike Vs Buy a Bike

With the advent of Rent-a-Bike organisations like TWIC, a biker has one more question to deal with – is Renting a bike more beneficial than a Purchase?

To help you make the call, we at TWIC Bangalore, have laid out some of the most common merits and tradeoffs for both options.


Tried and tested

Bringing your trusty steed along with you means you’ll be saddling up on the bike you know is perfectly suited for your riding style and fits you like a glove. Opt for a rental and you may find yourself on a bike you just aren’t as fond of or doesn’t fit you as well. Also, with your own bike, you are aware of the maintenance history and condition of the bike, which translates into peace of mind on long rides.

Freedom and flexibility

With Rentals, availability of your preferred bike on a date convenient to you might be an issue, unless planned well in advance. Owning a bike gives you freedom and flexibility for planning rides.


Peace of mind

Renting a bike is much like a buffet. Walk in, choose a bike that suits your requirement, ride and return – without having to deal with the hassles an ownership brings, like periodic maintenance costs, dealing with niggles, insurance costs and if you live in a metro, parking problems.

Testing out a new ride

Renting a bike invariably means getting to test out some new wheels. Whether you’ve been itching to try the new naked pocket-rocket like the 2017 Duke 390 or experience the orchestra of an inline-4 like a Benelli TNT 600i, renting a bike gives you the perfect opportunity to try something new. And if you’re already considering purchasing a new ride, what better way to assess compatibility?


Whatever the fees associated with a bike rental may be, you’ll definitely end up saving money by renting a bike. Most riders buy a bike with colourful dreams and a promise of a ride every weekend – but the hectic schedule of modern life leaves little time for rides. Parked in a corner, the bike gathers dust, and after a few years ends up being listed on classifieds.
Renting a bike gives one the opportunity to quench the yearning for a ride as and when the whim strikes.


Different folks; different strokes. That pretty much sums up the Rental Vs Buying dilemma.

A look at your previous rides’ frequency should be a good indicator to your commitment to riding. If you are a regular rider and your rides are almost always off-the-moment decisions, it would be a good idea to buy a bike.

If on the other hand, you are an irregular rider, or like to explore your options without the accompanying ownership commitment, renting a bike is the way to go. Also, if you are one to plan your rides well in advance, rental could still be the way to go.

With a wide variety of well-maintained bikes to choose from at TWIC Bangalore, you can rent your bike of your choice to discover the kind of rider you are and the bike that best suits you.