10 bikes to ride in India before you turn 35

top speed? 🙂

Motorcycles capture and stir the imagination of the young and the old alike, and have something unique to offer to everyone. Some ride for the thrill of speed, while others discover themselves by getting lost on two wheels.

While there can never be ‘THE’ list, since each choice is as unique as the person making it, what we have tried to list 10 bikes that stand out from the masses – some by their speed, some due to their sheer VFM factor, some due to the aura that has catapulted them into legendary status and some just by the sheer desirability factor.

Here are 10 bikes that we believe you should ride before you turn 35.

1) Rajdoot Yamaha RD 350

Air-cooled, parallel twin, 6 speed, screaming two-stroker! Who would not have it on their list! Launched in the 80s, the bike was way ahead of the market, but sadly failed owing to the high purchase price and poor fuel efficiency. The bike enjoys cult status now.

2) Yamaha RX 100/135

One of the most reliable and peppiest smaller displacement two stroker from the Japanese giant, the RX was launched after the failure of the RD. The RX series established Yamaha as a performance marque in India.

3) Royal Enfield 500

Royal Enfield 500

Long, empty roads with the horizon in sight, cool breeze… and a steady thump that assures you that the world is still a good place. Royal Enfields are the ultimate tourers – old world charm, with modern reliability.. and did we mention the thump? 🙂

4) Kawasaki Ninja 650

The Ninja dropped the ‘R’ from its name, but what it gained was a reputation as an excellent tourer. 650cc parallel twin with excellent cruising range and decent fuel economy, well sorted riding position and ergonomics combined with the legendary Japanese reliability make this Ninja a delight on wide open roads.

5) KTM 390 series

“WOW!” There. We just described the 390 for you.
43BHP, 35 N-m torque in a 150 kgs package make the power to weight figure of the 390 siblings breath-taking – almost in the super bike league. Insane acceleration, feature-rich spec list, affordable price tag and easy-on-pocket maintenance make this pocket-rocket a must want!

6) JAWA 250cc

“Forever bike forever value” – A perfect description for the brand and the bikes. Launched in the 60s and based out of Mysore, the 250cc offering of the Czech marque still has many enthusiasts drooling!

7) Benelli TNT 600i

Nothing sounds sweeter than the Inline 4 of the Benelli TNT 600i! One of the fastest selling premium motorcycle brands in India, the Benelli is a great motorcycle – offering good performance, yet being ‘tame’ enough to make it an ideal entry level superbike.

8) Suzuki Shogun

Another screaming 2 stroker from the 90s! The Shogun was launched as a direct competitor to the RX 100 by the Japanese marque, Suzuki. That it held its own and carved a niche for itself, speaks a lot for the bike.

9) Harley Davidson Iron 883

Comfort, handling, an iconic engine and styling.. loads of styling make the HD a neo-classic. Eyeballs and envy are sure to follow you on this one.

10) Suzuki Hayabusa

Suzuki Hayabuza

‘The World’s Fastest Production Motorcycle.’ Enough said.
The Hayabusa has been lauded for its all-round performance, in that it does not drastically compromise other qualities like handling, comfort, reliability, noise, fuel economy or price in pursuit of a single function – Speed. The Hayabusa is Speed in all its glory. But Speed is not all the Hayabusa is.

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