Harley Davidson Iron 883

Week days :

₹ 3990/ Day | ₹ 166/ Hour

Weekends :

₹ 5037/ Day | ₹ 209/ Hour
Minimum Hours: 12
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Harley Davidson Iron 883
Displacement 833cc
Engine Type Air Cooled
Max Torque 70 Nm

Minimum Age : 25
Original Passport OR Emploee ID Cumpolsary
Kms Limit : 300 Kms/24hrs OR 12.5 Kms/Hr
Extra Kms : Rs 18/Km + GST
Speed limit : 110 Kms/hr
Speed Waiver : Not available

The Iron 883 is characterized by its iconic peanut fuel tank and low-rise, drag style handle bar that gives it a minimalist, vintage look. The unmistakable 833cc, air cooled V-Twin engine comes in an aggressive, all black form, which delivers a maximum torque of 70NM. The mid mounted foot pegs are easy to reach, and offers a comfortable stance for those long, highway rides, and the narrow frame makes it nimble enough to glide through narrow roads with ease.

Suggested Road: Chennai to Pondicherry, via East Coast Road

Harley Davidson Iron 883